We are so excited to be working with you to help you select the perfect wedding locale! Thank you for trusting us to be a part of your venue scouting experience! Our goals during this process are to (1) understand your vision and budget and suggest vetted venues for both; (2) get to know one another to see if we are a good fit to work together on your wedding plans and (3) to showcase a sliver of what we do best in coordination, detailing, and orchestrating a lovely day touring through Wine Country.

Our venue scouting package includes: Coffee & pastries, L'Relyea Events Team as your personal chauffeur and tour guide for the day, Lunch, and coordination and detailing for site tours at vetted properties. 

Once we receive this information, we will publish a preliminary list of venues to you in order to gather feedback for our final round of venue suggestions. Once we have narrowed the list down to 4-6 venues, we can schedule a date for scouting and begin locking in the itinerary. 

Couple's Name & Contact Info
Couple's Name & Contact Info
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Since we are located in Wine Country, many of the venues only hold licensing to serve beer and Wine. Select properties will allow service of hard liquor, but you do typically pay for this added benefit. Generally, private properties and resorts will allow liquor while most wineries will not.
Sonoma and Napa Counties have a strict 10pm curfew {aka: quiet hour}. For most properties, this curfew is applied to your wedding end time. Select properties have extensions; typically these extensions would allow for an 11pm end time and in special cases the end time can extend until 12am. Generally, private properties and resorts have some flexibility in extension. For those properties that do have a 10pm curfew, we can explore the option of an offsite afterparty.
What setting appeals to you?
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We find that average weddings in Wine Country start at $750-$1,000 per person.
Have you visited any venues that you like/dislike? Are there any venues inparticular that appeal to you?